Dear Asia.

Thank you for your e-mail.

My name is Yuusuke. I’m 15years old.

I’m from Japan and I live in Yokohama.

I have four members in my family, my parents and sister, Her name is Aoi.

I have a 8 Guinea Pigs, 8 names are colo, nene, latte,

mocha, milk, chocolate, cookies, vanilla, I’m a student in high school, I’m in my first grade.

My hobby is watching fireworks festival, when I was little I watched fireworks festival from home and like it. I’m not good at talking to people,

but I don’t hate it.

What kind of events are there in Poland?

There is an event called the Port Opening Festival on June 2nd in Yokohama.

I’m waiting for an e-mail. Take care.